Our lawyers vehemently protect our clients from their very first involvement with the criminal justice system, usually at arrest, then to the police station and through the court system.

We are determined that we are present with our clients in the police station to ensure that their legal rights are fully protected and their welfare is guaranteed.

Here at Kearney Law Group, we have a proven track record of negotiating bail for our clients so they do not need to remain detained for a second longer than is necessary.

Our lawyers only work with the most skilled barristers and various courtroom experts. Our forensic and skilled analysis of the evidence often results in the prosecution withdrawing their case or indeed exposing police failings and thereby ensuring that the case will collapse.

We guarantee that we will be with our clients every step of the way, no matter what the nature, extent or seriousness of the charge may be. We are dedicated to fighting every element of the charge.

Kearney Law Group is particularly focused on challenging cases in the Court of Appeal and indeed our lawyers have had major success to date in undermining and overturning convictions.

We welcome all cases and provide detailed and forensic analysis of the law and facts, irrespective of the magnitude of the criminal charge. We also have a unique interest in dealing with high value white-collar fraud matters including Tax and VAT issues.

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