Kearney Law Group Reaches £25k Settlement Following Negligence Treatment at Hair Salon

Kearney Law Group has successfully achieved a £25,000 settlement for a client against a hair salon that displayed negligence, resulting in chemical burns to the client’s head and scalp.

The client had brought the case against the salon in question following a routine visit where a scalp bleach and toner treatment was performed.

On arrival to the salon, our client did not receive a consultation and was taken to a chair where a bleaching product was applied to the head, beginning at the front, subsequently being applied to the scalp. Soon thereafter, our client felt a burning sensation on the scalp and when querying this with the stylist, was told this was “normal” and the sun was causing it to progress faster, with the roots lifting quicker.

Several times our client complained about their discomfort but to no avail.

When the client’s hair was rinsed, the scalp felt sore and breakage was evident on the hair, which worsened within the following 24 hours. Oozing on the scalp was also occurring and following a return visit to the salon, our client was advised to purchase argon oil to alleviate the pain.

Upon return to work, the client was advised to visit A&E where a diagnosis of chemical burns to the head was given, along with a prescription of antihistamines and painkillers. Our client was examined by a trichologist who gave a prognosis of our client’s hair re-growing within 24 months from the date of the incident.

Director of Kearney Law Group, Paul Kearney, was extremely pleased with the significant award he negotiated on behalf of his client.

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