Leading Law Firm Launches New Insurance Product


RENOWNED law firm, Kearney Law Group, has added a bespoke legal expenses insurance product to their portfolio of services.  The company, which specialises in catastrophic personal injury and medical negligence claims, has negotiated full authority to instantly insure any claim against the risk of legal costs.

This is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland and exclusive to this company. Paul Kearney of Kearney Law Group said: “Given how the litigation landscape of Northern Ireland has changed over these past years, it was important that as a firm we looked to ways which will keep us at the forefront of what we do best, getting results.

“Having specialised in personal injury claims and medical negligence, this product allows us to offer clients absolute financial protection against legal costs in the event of a case being lost. This is a revolutionary form of litigation, which is risk free, allowing immediate access to a legal remedy for all, irrespective of income. 

“There is no money up front, the premium is only paid on a successful case and it is of note that the premium negotiated is only a fraction of that which is currently available on the market.”

The law firm, which is synonymous with high value medical and dental negligence and personal injury claims together with criminal defence law, operates across Northern Ireland with offices in Belfast and Derry/Londonderry.

The respected law firm and its founder and director, Paul Kearney, believes that it is important that clients not only engage with those who have a clear understanding of the complexity of the law but also those that know how to apply it in order to create results within the soonest possible time period.

He said: “When you call Kearney Law Group you will get a member of our team who will quickly gain a detailed understanding of your case and advise accordingly. As a local firm we want to look after those individuals who have had an accident, whether, for example, at work or on our roads, or indeed if they are not satisfied with the quality of any medical treatment received.

“Our years of experience and the high quality of our service speaks for itself; we are client focused and results driven. We can also take calls from 8am to 8pm from Monday through to Thursday to give our clients greater options.

 “We are delighted to be able to bring this product to the market in Northern Ireland to ensure there is no risk of losing money when making a claim.”

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