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In this ever-growing market it is absolutely imperative that anyone involved in a road traffic accident speaks to a solicitor first to ensure the best outcome for their personal injury claim.

A personal injury solicitor will protect your legal rights and ensure that you are protected from insurance companies and other organisations masquerading as lawyers.

Kearney Law Group’s accident injury lawyers provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ service with NO CHARGE from the moment you call us, and:

  • We will have your damaged car removed from the scene of the accident
  • We will have a hire car at your door within ONE hour of contacting us
  • We take over all dealings with the insurance companies
  • We will ensure your No Claims Bonus is protected
  • There is no need to pay your policy excess charge
  • We will have your car repaired from an approved repairer or obtain the full value of the car for you
  • We provide physiotherapy and psychotherapy, if required
  • We recover all wage loss on your behalf
  • We arrange expert medical examinations at your convenience with a Consultant to achieve the maximum value for your injury claim


If you have been involved in a road traffic accident and wish to discuss your personal injury or accident claim, consult with us today for the best personal injury advice in Northern Ireland.

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