Claims Advice Relating to Mother and Baby Rooms

Kearney Law Group is actively working to assist individuals affected by the legacy of Northern Ireland and Ireland’s shameful past.

With the recent publication of the report by both Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University into Mother and Baby Homes and Magdalene Laundries in Northern Ireland 1922 – 1990, and the conclusion of Ireland’s Commission Report, Kearney Law Group is keen to assist victims, who have been horrendously abused in obtaining compensation.

Expert in helping victims of abuse seek compensation, Kearney Law Group urges anyone who would like assistance in pursuing compensation to contact us.

Please register an interest with us now in order to avoid any delay in obtaining compensation.

How Kearney Law Group Can Help

Solicitor Advocate and Founder of Kearney Law Group, Paul Kearney is well placed to advise victims having previously appeared as a barrister during the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry.

In addition to receiving compensation, the Government will pay the legal fees and as such there will be NO COST TO ANY VICTIM.

Everyone is entitled to compensation, mothers and children who were physically and emotionally abused in these mother and baby homes.

We are happy to accept instructions from those mothers or children now living outside both Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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