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Kearney Law Group is synonymous with specialist legal advice. Established by Solicitor Advocate and former Barrister, Paul Kearney, the Director of Kearney Law Group has a wealth of experience in the provision of legal services, specialising in the areas of Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury.

You can be assured that whenever you contact Kearney Law Group, you will receive a professional, committed high quality service, which is CLIENT FOCUSED and RESULTS DRIVEN. 

Worried about the cost of legal fees?

Kearney Law Group is proud to be the exclusive provider of Risk Free Legal Insurance, meaning there is no risk of you losing money when making a claim.

When you contact us, you will be offered absolute financial protection against legal costs in the event of your case being lost, allowing immediate access to a legal remedy.

In real terms, clients eligible to apply for legal aid can also instantly benefit from this insurance product and avoid the massive delay and hassle involved with applying for legal aid.

We are a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your legal requirements – we do all the hard work; all you need to do is contact us today!

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Our offices are opened from 8am to 8pm to accommodate those who work outside normal hours.

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At Kearney Law Group, we know the importance of speaking to someone when you are facing difficulty, which is why we guarantee to return your calls.

Our Mission

Deliver the best result for our clients within the quickest possible timeframe.

A Sense of Urgency

Montreux, Switzerland 2nd June 1993 
I was once asked as the founder of JCB, What it took to succeed. “The same thing it took to get started”, I said, “a sense of URGENCY about getting things done”. The people who make things move in this world share this same sense of URGENCY. No matter how intelligent or able you may be, if you don’t have this sense of URGENCY, now is the time to start developing it. The world is full of very competent people who honestly intend to do things tomorrow or as soon as they can get around to it. Their accomplishments, however, seldom match those of the less talented who are blessed with a sense of the importance of GETTING STARTED NOW.

-Joseph Cyril Bamford (1916-2001 )
Founder of JCB