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Kearney Law Group Reaches £25k Settlement Following Negligence Treatment at Hair Salon

Kearney Law Group has successfully achieved a £25,000 settlement for a client against a hair salon that displayed negligence, resulting in chemical burns to the client’s head and scalp. The client had brought the case against the salon in question following a routine visit where a scalp bleach and toner treatment was performed. On arrival […]

Blog: COVID-19, Healthcare Workers and Employers’ Failure to Provide Adequate PPE

Given the concerns raised by healthcare workers in recent days regarding the risks involved with them treating patients with no Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we have published the blog below that outlines an employee’s rights when not receiving adequate PPE. The purpose of this blog is to set out the legal obligations and liabilities of […]

Blog: COVID-19 – Checklist for matters you should consider and making provision now, should you become seriously ill (NI)

This is a difficult and uncertain time. It is clear that the most at risk in our community from the COVID-19 pandemic are those with underlying health conditions or of advancing years. Whilst most people don’t make decisions about their future care until they have to, planning ahead in the current circumstances makes practical sense. […]

Blog: School Attendance and COVID-19 (NI)

1. By law, all children of compulsory school age (4-16) must receive a full time education. Section 45 of the Education and Libraries (Northern Ireland) Order, 1986 states: “Duties of parents to secure full-time education for their children 45.—(1) The parent of every child of compulsory school age shall cause him to receive efficient full-time education […]

Blog: Employees, COVID-19 and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) NI

Under our health and safety legislation, all employers have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of their employees. In order to determine what measures need to be implemented to satisfy their statutory obligations, employers often carry out a risk assessment. This assists an employer in identifying risks in the workplace that […]

COVID-19 and Safety at Work (NI) Advice for Employers and Employees

COVID-19 and Safety at Work (NI) Under the Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978, employers have a duty to ensure the health and safety of employees and workers when working. In order to ascertain what measures are required to ensure this, employers often carry out a risk assessment that helps them to assess […]

Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA)

Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA)

Kearney Law Group welcomes the news that the law to offer compensation to those affected by Historical Institutional Abuse (HIA) in Northern Ireland has been passed in Parliament, prior to the dissolution of parliament ahead of next month’s general election. It has also been announced that Mr Justice Colton has been named the president of […]